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Prostate hyperthermia (transurethral)

Special prostate hyperthermia for prostate carcinoma.

The transurethral hyperthermia treatment via special catheter is a possibility to treat cancer of the prostate not invasive. The transurethral hyperthermia (Oncothermia) is carried out with a special catheter which becomes introduced with an anaesthesia gel. So it is possible to kill cancer cells in the prostate gland. Normal histoid or the sphincters get not injured! The duration of the treatment lasts two hours. After removing of the catheter it can be burn a bit in the urethra, these symptom exist not for a long time. This treatment will carried out during a one week of treatment two times to reach a long-lasting positive effect. In addition, we recommend some another immune-stimulative measures as described. Transurethral hyperthermia can be carried out with patients which have no known metastasis or no metastasis could be proved.



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