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Naturopathic complex programme:

In line with our understanding of cancer as a disease of the whole person, we aim to help the organism as far as possible to rid itself of strain and to develop and strengthen its self-healing powers. We are able to base this on a good range of naturopathic remedies and established basic biological approaches in the treatment of cancer, as well as on many years of experience in this therapy. Our main mission is to purify and detoxify the body, moderately stimulate the immune system and cleanse the colon and lymphatic system as the most important components of the entire immune system, as well as to improve the circulation, in particular of those regions affected by cancer, such that our cancer-inhibiting medication can reach these organs quickly and effectively. However, we also consider stress reduction through relaxation and energetic harmonisation, a balanced diet and providing the organism with the required vitamins, minerals and trace elements as extremely effective for eliminating cancer-enhancing conditions. 

In this, it is essential that individual measures of the naturopathic treatment are adapted to the exact needs of the individual patient and to the condition of his body and that these measures, when combined, result in a synergistic effect.

With this in mind, we sometimes make up complex programs comprising up to twenty factors. The following treatment elements may be included in this programme:

  • Physiotherapeutic measures such as lymph drainage, full body massages and partial massages, physiotherapy and breathing exercises, foot reflexology, cupping, super-enriched oxygen baths, hay-blossom packs, energising sunbaths as well as infrared and UVA light baths
  • Energy treatments such as magnetic field therapies, acupuncture and neural therapy
  • Autogenic training
  • Various regimens for a healthy diet, from a balanced whole foods diet to a pure vegetarian diet
  • Diet supplementing with various individual and complex preparations, mineral supplementation with magnesium granulate, Zinkotase and selenase infusions, amongst others
  • Immune stimulants such as thyme peptides, mistletoe injections, oxygen and ozone auto-blood infusions
  • Circulation-promoting measures

The individually tailored naturopathic treatment complexes are in most cancer cases combined with buserelin therapy and often with local thermotherapy. This enables us to achieve an extremely effective association of direct tumour combating and a cancer-fighting, positive realignment of the bodily environment, which significantly increases the chances of recovery.


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