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Buserelin therapy

Buserelin, known as Profact in the German pharmaceutical market, has long been used in the treatment of prostate carcinomas. Due to its ability to block the production of sex hormones in the organism, it destroys the hormonal environment required by these cancerous cells for division. This allows hormone-dependent tumours to be suppressed. 

We also take advantage of the hormone-blocking effect of buserelin, and use it for almost all types of cancer, not only for prostate carcinomas. What is new about our buserelin therapy though - and this is based on the experiences of Julius Hackethal - is that we are able to change not only the environment of the tumours, but also to attack the malignant cells directly. This strategy is founded on the scientific discovery that under certain conditions buserelin is able to occupy receptors in the cancerous cells - a type of gateway - which are normally used for "docking" by interleukin and interferon. The cells require these substances for division, i.e. when they "want" to multiply. If the gateways are blocked by buserelin, the ability of the cancerous cells to divide is impaired or completely inhibited. They die off slowly, the tumour no longer grows, it shrinks and often disappears completely. This affects not only primary tumours, but also the dreaded subsidiary growths, the metastases. This is a process where a successful result can be compared to the effect of chemical cell poisoning (however, without the undesirable side-effects). A condition for the direct effect of buserelin (Profact) on the cancerous cell, however, is an extremely high dosage. We administer an amount that is up to forty times more than is sufficient for the hormone blockade initially intended - an amount that is extremely well tolerated. 

Besides the justified expectation of stopping the cancer, it is especially due to the fact that buserelin is so well tolerated that it is recommended, and certainly acceptable, in the treatment of cancer patients. The side-effects of Profact are comparatively harmless. A decline in or loss of libido is almost always the case, i.e. a lack in sexual drive, as are sweating and heat waves typical in moderate menopause complaints. Increased blood pressure is also possible, and depression may occur. Medically, these symptoms are however easy to control and cushion. What is important is that the hormone production in the body is normalised once the medication is no longer administered, which in turn leads to the complete disappearance of any minor side-effects without leaving any damage. 

For this reason - and particularly to counteract the habituation effect - we mostly frequently interrupt the buserelin therapy, and for several months in each case. In most cases the cancer-inhibiting effect lasts throughout these breaks in therapy. In this manner we have been able to document a considerable number of cases in which patients were able to suppress or even conquer their cancer for ever or at least for a significant period of time of more than ten years, and enjoy a high quality of life. 


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